Our Road to the White House

I am so proud that we women have woken up. We are organizing, we are meeting, we are speaking up! We are realizing what it takes to be heard and now we are beginning to understand how so many of the women who came before, sacrificed, in order to open doors for the rest of us who followed. We enjoy ...

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Find your Achilles heel and heal it

There’s no getting around it: even the most successful women on the planet have to come to terms with the fact that there is no such thing as being invincible. We all have to remember that even before we are go-getters, warriors, doers and makers—we are human beings first. Look at publishing maverick Arianna Huffington, who writes about the importance of ...

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Our stories must be told

This has been the month of Latinas. I was thrilled to see Fortune magazine publish the list of the 50 most powerful Latinas in corporate America—all women we should know and honor. I was happy to see so many friends and Adelante supporters among the group, incredible women such as Gisel Ruiz from Sam’s Club; Sonia Dulá and Ileana Musa ...

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When One of Us Succeeds, We All Win

Did you catch the Oscars this past weekend? We all know there was another “escándalo” like the one at Miss Universe with a mix-up about the winner—but that’s not what I want to talk about.

What I do want us to collectively think deeply about is the power of truly supporting one another as a community. Did you notice how many ...

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In 2017 Becoming Rich in Every Way is a Must!

Last year I met so many of you on the road while on tour for my New York Times Bestselling Book, Self Made: Becoming Empowered, Self Reliant and Rich in Every Way <https://ec305.infusionsoft.com/app/linkClick/3647/1e7a9186dac65002/2876707/1580a60cada57af4>  (2016, Random House). We spoke about what it means to become self-made, which starts by cultivating a mindset of personal responsibility and financial freedom through an entrepreneurial ...

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The Drama that will change our lives

Ladies, the world is upside down, our families are afraid and uncertain, but we are starting this year strong, knowing that we Latinas are uniquely prepared for DRAMA. Why? Because we are experts in drama! For better or worse, it’s in our DNA. There’s drama in our families, in our relationships, and in our countries of origin. We are perfectly ...

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Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet!

Every end also marks a new beginning, so as we wrap up this year, which was challenging, rewarding and everything in between, let’s take a collective breath of relief, knowing that 2017 is our chance to REBOOT. And before we pounce on our list of resolutions, I invite us all to ask ourselves the following questions:


*             What did I accomplish ...

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You Don’t Have to Start from Scratch to Become Self Made

After what can only be called an exciting but challenging year for all of us, I’m thrilled to be able to wrap it all up with an incredible spread in the current issue of People magazine <https://ec305.infusionsoft.com/app/linkClick/3517/6eeb06bf2a3b257c/2723689/a2e815f598cc3eb6> ! Of course I feel proud of the coverage—but even prouder of the fact that they helped spread the message of the book ...

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Seize all the opportunities in 2017

You know what I say: it all starts by choosing yourself, by taking the reigns of your life, seizing the moment, and really getting behind the idea of calling your own shots. NEVER HAS THIS BEEN MORE IMPORTANT. In 2017, let’s not wait for things to happen—let’s jump on all the opportunities!

And as I have been telling you all year, ...

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The Year of Becoming a Rich Latina

With just weeks away from a brand new year, wouldn’t you agree that it’s time to start critically thinking about how to master 2017? For this coming year, I say: let’s aim high!

Let’s all walk into the new year not only ready, but also determined to become rich Latinas. To get you inspired, click here to register for our free, ...

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Make Fear and Failure your Best Friends!