Our stories must be told

This has been the month of Latinas. I was thrilled to see Fortune magazine publish the list of the 50 most powerful Latinas in corporate America—all women we should know and honor. I was happy to see so many friends and Adelante supporters among the group, incredible women such as Gisel Ruiz from Sam’s Club; Sonia Dulá and Ileana Musa from Bank of America; Priscilla Almodovar and Alice Rodriguez from JP Morgan Chase; Beatriz Perez from Coca-Cola; Dorene Dominguez from Vanir; Nina Vaca from Pinnacle; Maria Elena Lagomasino from We Family; Monica Lozano from La Opinión; Myrna Soto from Comcast; Cynthia Hudson from CNN, and so many more. These are all Latinas we should know by name and get to know their stories. If they can do it you can do it, too.

In our stories and in our pain is our answer. For even more inspiration, here is an incredible Huffington Post piece that outlines some of the most illustrious memoirs and autobiographies written by Latinas. We’re delighted again to see some of our own Adelante icons and supporters like Supreme Court Justice Sonya Sotomayor and superstar Rita Moreno on the list!

On an incredible note, the one and only Charo is on Dancing With The Stars! We must support her and vote for her. Charo is a self-made woman and a real estate mogul besides being a multi-faceted artist. You Go girl! We’re rooting for you!

Hermanas, the more we celebrate and promote one another’s journeys, the louder our collective voice becomes. The more we perpetuate the glory of one another’s successes, the clearer we can see that success is available to each and every one of us. And the more we learn from one another’s experiences, the closer we get to blazing our own paths.

Our Stories

Dolores Caffaro, an Argentinian immigrant, moved to Los Angeles to start a small furniture company, which today is a full-blown staging company with goods that she herself learned how to manufacture in China, and all kinds of celebrity clients. Watch her full story HERE!

Hidden Money

The Halstead Grant

This grant started in 2006 and has helped many talented jewelry artists gain a foothold in the challenging field. Past winners say that receiving the award was a turning point early in their careers when they were wavering on whether or not the jewelry studio was the right place for them. Being singled out by the grant program affirmed their choices and gave them a push to make their business dreams a reality. Apply HERE!

Adelante in the News and on the Scene!

Check out Nely Galán on Dr. Drew, Hollywood Talk Live, Walker’s Legacy Foundation, and a great podcast on Women’s Eye Radio!

On April 7-8 Nely will be in Coeur D’alene Idaho for the Innovation Collective Spring Summit

If you’re in Colorado on April 26, join Nely for a great Adelante Movement workshop presented by Coca-Cola at CSU, on how to become self-made. Check out the details here!

On April 28, Nely will be in Dallas for the 21st Annual Women’s Business Conference

And on April 30, she’ll be in Detroit for HACR Young Hispanic Corporate Achievers™