The Drama that will change our lives

Ladies, the world is upside down, our families are afraid and uncertain, but we are starting this year strong, knowing that we Latinas are uniquely prepared for DRAMA. Why? Because we are experts in drama! For better or worse, it’s in our DNA. There’s drama in our families, in our relationships, and in our countries of origin. We are perfectly qualified to handle it, to use it as a springboard, and to own these moments of uncertainty and pain as tools for even more growth! I am so happy to have taken time to recover from last year and I am ready to stand here with you and take new action in this new year! Let’s take all the drama around us and let it help us change our lives!

In the midst of all the chaos around us, there are still tremendous opportunities in entrepreneurship and we need to keep our eyes on the prize. Never before has our financial independence been so important to ourselves and our families. It’s the one place where we can still take actionable steps to do our thing. So I say let’s make this the year that we take action- together!!! And the first step of the action plan always begins with yourself. You know what I always say: you have to put the oxygen mask on yourself first! So, prepare, recover, plan and act! What are the three things you will accomplish this year no matter what? Think about it…and then declare the action that makes it so!


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