When One of Us Succeeds, We All Win

Did you catch the Oscars this past weekend? We all know there was another “escándalo” like the one at Miss Universe with a mix-up about the winner—but that’s not what I want to talk about.

What I do want us to collectively think deeply about is the power of truly supporting one another as a community. Did you notice how many incredible African American artists won the Oscar? Did you also see that the best picture award went to an African American LGBTQ movie?

Isn’t it great that because the African American community stood up and chose themselves last year, this year everything changed? The African American community supported films like Moonlight, Hidden Figures, and Fences; and by spending money at the box office and making these films profitable, they created a greater market for themselves. Through the power of their purchase and supporting one another, they soared.

I always say that the success of one of us becomes the success of all of us.

WE HAVE TO BUY FROM OTHER LATINOS AND LATINAS. Until we understand that this is how abundance and commerce work, we will never come into our true power.

Our Stories

If you have not yet come across the story of Julissa Arce, there has never been a better or more poignant time to do so. Julissa started out in this country as undocumented and through the power of grit, creativity and endless hard work she became a Goldman Sachs analyst and a debut author! Hermanas, BUY AND READ HER BOOK. Her success is all of ours!

Here are parts one, two and three of her inspiring story!

Hidden Money

Digitalundivided is a company that uses innovation to foster the economic growth and empowerment of Latina and Black women entrepreneurs. Their BIG Incubator program (BIG) is geared toward tech enabled startups led by Latina and Black women. Located in downtown Atlanta’s Hurt Building, BIG provides a structured curriculum focused on developing sustainable businesses, mentorship by top leaders, opportunities to pitch directly to investors, and direct link to funding opportunities. BIG is a winner of the U.S. Small Business Administration’s 2015-2016 Growth Accelerator Fund Competition. They’re taking applications for their 2017 cohort very soon! Keep your eye on their site for more updates!

Adelante in the News and on the Scene!

In case you missed it, check out our own Nely Galán on Dr. Drew, Hollywood Talk Live and a great podcast on Women’s Eye Radio!

Hey Arizona! We’re coming to you for a great Adelante Movement workshop presented by Coca-Cola at ASU, on how to become self-made, led by Nely Galán. Check out the details here!

For you east coasters, on March 31, Nely will be at the Bay Path Women’s Conference in Springfield, MA. Details here!