Think Like an Immigrant

Galan’s immigrant and refugee status made her a natural born entrepreneur. She started selling Avon in the 7th grade to help her family. She began her career interning, and then worked her way up to running a business for others. Years later, that business was sold and her boss suggested, “Go Get Your Own Chips!” 

She bootstrapped her own business for 4 years, making no money, many mistakes and almost gave up numerous times along the way. After attending a Chamber of Commerce event, she pivoted and the business took off. Since then, she has started businesses in media, launching channels, television production, and real estate investment and development. Galan considers herself a turtle that does everything slowly, but continues to live by the motto her old boss shared with her, “Make money, save money, invest the money and then, you’ll make money while you sleep.” Those are the keys to becoming a Self Made entrepreneur.

Galan is an ordinary woman who successfully achieved the American Dream, one step at a time. As a result, her passion is to help others understand the financial system, in order to create and live their own American Dream. Galan feels the turtle always wins the race.

She says, “If I can do it, you can too! Adelante!”