In 2017 Becoming Rich in Every Way is a Must!

Last year I met so many of you on the road while on tour for my New York Times Bestselling Book, Self Made: Becoming Empowered, Self Reliant and Rich in Every Way <>  (2016, Random House). We spoke about what it means to become self-made, which starts by cultivating a mindset of personal responsibility and financial freedom through an entrepreneurial way of thinking. Becoming a financially independent woman has never been more important—and never been so available and accessible to all of us. But we have to go get it. We cannot be distracted, and we must follow the money to be truly free to do whatever we want, and to finally live a rich life in every way.

What did I learn from all of you last year? That the answer for us is in connecting with one other, partnering with and buying from each other. We have to build bridges and realize that together we have the ability to change our lives, model a different future for our children and ultimately change the world.

I also learned that most women don’t even know that there is hidden money in America—much less how to get it. We need to become hunters! There’s hidden money everywhere—from corporate contests to tax incentives to government grants. We must learn how to access the money that’s there, which is one of the benefits of paying taxes, of being part of the economic system that we belong to.

And even before we hunt for money out in the world, practice finding the hidden money in your home. Watch me explain how on Hollywood Live.

The point is to get creative and exhaust every possible way to locate and earn the hidden money that’s literally just sitting there right under your nose. Now go get it!