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Top Motivational Speaker Nely Galan. Nely’s speeches will motivate and inspire her audience in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Empowerment, Diversity, Future of Work, Emerging Markets, Businesses, Media, Hidden Money, The Psychology of Money, and Ownership!

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Dear Dr. Galan,

Thank you so much for your incredible keynote and presence.  It was so exciting and powerful to have you take the stage, and share your inspiring journey.  Your talk was energetic and changed the mood in the room!  I loved how you tightly connected the theme of “Belong” into your presentation from an individual and company standpoint. 

Thank you for encouraging us to embrace the immigrant spirit and find ways for us to be self-made in all aspects of our lives!  


National Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity Conference

I have dedicated much of my professional life to helping women thrive, navigate their leadership journeys, believe in their own limitlessness, embrace each other. And you facilitated – in fifteen minutes – what it takes so many years to embrace. You helped women see themselves and each other as their biggest and best allies in this life. 

You are a leader of this time. I see you, value you, and am grateful for you. And I believe it is no accident that you and your work have come into my life at such a pivotal professional moment.

Thank you so much for giving yourself over to your purpose. It is alive…and I can feel it. 

Tara Jaye Frank

Nely is a fantastic storyteller! She has a phenomenal ability to compel an entire room to not only listen, but to feel, which is critical to making a memorable impact. Her examples were funny and familiar, her tips – progressive and practical. We are so grateful we asked Nely to close our biggest day of the conference. She not only delivered useful content, but she also left us all with a gift we won’t soon forget! 

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