“I founded The Adelante Movement to give back to my Latina community. I want Latinas to know there is no true empowerment until you are financially self-reliant, until you have your own money. Latinas are the #1 emerging market and leaders in entrepreneurship. The Adelante Movement is a safe and intimate community for Latinas that want to learn, grow, become financially self-reliant and ultimately be self-made. We all want to have a rich life in every way and can achieve this through our community. Whether we meet on the road during our national tour, on our online platform where we tell the Self Made stories or whether we watch webinars to learn step by step how to start a side hustle that leads to your first business or to find out where the hidden money in America is, we are your home.”

“Our Self Made curriculum and platform is where we build bridges with our sisters and create a block of powerful women. My Latinas, African American, Asian, Native American, Middle Eastern, Indigenous, White, LGBT, Veteran, sisters in the US and all over the world are going for it. If we all join forces and sell and buy from each other, we would all be rich in order to change the economics of our families and communities. What power! I say, “Adelante!!!” which in Spanish means, “Lets Move it! Let’s get going! Now!”.”