What is SELF MADE?

SELF MADE is a New York Times bestselling book, digital platform, national tour, and a conversation that empowers women (and the men that support them) to take financial control of their own lives by having a self-made mindset. It inspires them to explore their entrepreneurial potential and arms them with resources and tools to gain financial self-reliance.

SELF MADE is an evolutionary shift for women around the world; a new kind of identity. In the book, you’ll read inspiring stories of women who started and grew businesses out of ingenuity, opportunity and need. You’ll find exercises to get you thinking and identifying your goals and strengths, as well as tips and tricks about saving money, making money, and finding hidden money that can help jumpstart your self-made dreams.

Nely Galán is an author on a mission to empower women and help them become financially self-reliant and rich in every way. She pulls no punches. She is the straight-talking friend and mentor you’ve always wanted who shares valuable, candid, no-nonsense lessons learned on her own path to becoming self-made such as: “There is no Prince Charming”, “Think like an immigrant”, “In your pain is your brand”, “Don’t buy shoes, buy buildings!”.

Galan has become a highly sought after speaker. She has spoken at The United Nations, The Clinton Initiative, The United State of Women; Corporations such as Coca-Cola, American Express, J.P Morgan Chase; tech companies Google, Facebook, Uber and universities including Harvard, USC, and UCLA among many more.


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