Nely’s production company, Galan Entertainment, has garnered numerous awards including recognition by prestigious organizations such as Promax, BDA, and Telly for its unique style of on-air promotions and graphics packaging.

Case Study – Fox Latin American Channel and Telemundo Image Campaigns
When Fox decided to launch The Fox Latin American Channel in 1993, the network needed an image that would transform Fox into a household name throughout Latin American, Galan met this challenge by creating an on-air promotions package with a unique behind-the-scenes sensibility and sophisticated state-of-the-art graphics package that firmly established the network image as “The Hollywood Channel” and set a new standard of excellence for promotions in Latin America.

A new challenge arose when Sony/TCI re-launched Telemundo as the network for U.S. Latinos.
Combining state-of-the-art graphics and design, as well as the look and tone to reach the Spanish-speaking audience, Galan Entertainment helped create and produce the unprecedented award-winning on-air package. Recognized by both the Promax/BDA judges, as well as their Latin American counterparts, as one of the best packages of the year, the following is a list of the accolades received for the Fox Latin American Channel and Telemundo image campaigns:

> Gold Award – Telemundo 1999 (BDA)
> Imagen Foundation Award – Telemundo 1999 (Imagen Awards)
> Best of Show – Telemundo 1998 (Promax)
> Gold Muse – Telemundo 1998 (Promax)
> 2 Silver Muses – Telemundo 1998 (Promax)
> 2 Gold Medallions – Fox 1994 (Promax)
> Gold Award – Fox 1994 (New York Festivals)
> Gold Award – Fox 1994 (BDA)
> Silver Telly – Fox 1994 (Telly Award Association)