Becoming SELF MADE is the New Ticking Clock

You know I say “becoming SELF MADE is the new ticking clock” because there is no true empowerment until you have your own money. Life is uncertain, which is why owning our financial destinies has never mattered more. When we have our own money and our own businesses, not only do we get out of survival mode, but we also become liberated. We slowly learn that we can do it, even for one hour a week, by starting a side business—a side hustle.

The point is to begin, so that we can be ready for any disruption or unexpected turn our life can take.

This month, we’re gifting you SIX of our best-ever webinars, on opportunities in the food industry, finding the hidden money in America, becoming a rich woman in every way and more…for FREE and ON DEMAND! You can watch these any time, at your convenience for one whole month! If you missed any of them in the past, this is your chance to catch up!


And in our SELF MADE STORIES web series, don’t forget to check out the inspiring story of Dolores Caffaro

, an immigrant and entrepreneur who arrived from Argentina to LA, and built herself a furniture and staging business from the ground up.