Happy Thanksgiving Month: A Special Gift to You From Me!

It has been such an incredible privilege to have met so many of you this year. I’ve had so many women come up to me and say that they have not only read my book, SELF MADE, but that they have read it as part of a book club; or read it with colleagues at work, or given it to a daughter or sister or girlfriend; and that they have even worked through the exercises in the book—in short, that they have truly adopted and advocated the self-made mindset. This makes me so happy!

In gratitude to you all (Thanksgiving is right around the corner!), back by popular demand, we’re gifting you SIX of our very best-ever webinars, on opportunities in the food industry, finding the hidden money in America, becoming a rich woman in every way and morefor FREE and ON DEMAND! You heard it right! You can watch these any time, at your convenience for one whole month! If you missed any of them in the past, this is your chance to catch up!

You can literally watch these from home, in your pajamas, on your own time—while educating yourself and growing with every single episode. This is home-schooling at its very best!!!

Hermanas, in this radically changing world we live in, it has never been a clearer time to understand that there is no Prince Charming, that no one is coming to save us! We are our own Prince Charming!

Let’s use our time and energy to educate and empower ourselves and one another every single day. The time is now and the world is ours for the taking!