Our #1 Forces: Voting & Purchasing Power!

With such little time left until the election, let’s all take a moment to remember that two of the most impactful forces of influence that we all have are our purchasing and voting power. When we, en masse, tap into what we can really accomplish with those two actions, we embrace the notion that we can really make anything happen. So please go out and vote!

With so much chatter lately about what’s wrong with our country, let’s not lose sight of what’s great about it. We live in a country where multicultural women and their families are poised to soar! Our next webinar, for example, “Franchising as a Family Business,” features the incredible story of Nicole Enearu, an African American woman who owns 13 McDonald’s franchises with her mother and sister.

She’ll give you insight into the world of franchise ownership and shows you step by step how to become an owner, from financial investment to training and operations. Let’s all find out how to become franchise owners—one of the easiest way to become self-made!

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And finally, in our SELF MADE STORIES web series, we’re featuring Tara Winter, a self-made eBay maverick! Tune in to learn how this full-time mom also manages to be full-time entrepreneur.

– Nely