Food: A Crash Course in the Hottest New Business in America

We have a BIG announcement: we’re launching a crash course in the food business, a 3-part webinar series solely focused on food-related business, the NUMBER ONE most emerging business for Latinas.

We all know that food is SEXY and Latin flavors are making it even HOTTER. There are so many opportunities for you in the growing food industry, and our next few webinars show you how to get started and grow your food business. Complete this form to register for each webinar today!

Our first webinar, “Entrepreneur Opportunities in the Food Industry” (TODAY) features Hattie Hill, President and CEO of The Women’s Foodservice Forum, talking about the growing opportunities in the food industry beyond food itself. In “Creating a Food Business from Your Pain” (Oct 13) Chef Lala shares the story of how she turned a painful family experience into a multi-platform business with a mission to empower communities to live healthier lifestyles. And finally, in “Franchising as a Family Business” (Oct 20) Nicole Enearu talks about owning a McDonald’s franchise as a family business with her mom and sister. She’ll give you insight into the world of franchise ownership and shows you step by step how to become a franchise owner – from financial investment to training and operations.

From food truck culture to modern meal delivery, this dynamic, thriving space is ripe for more and more disruption. And as Latinas, we’re poised to lead the pack. Do not miss these amazing sessions! Register HERE!