The intention is "completion"

I started this year with the intention word “Completion” and I have to say it has been an EXTRAVAGANZA YEAR of Completion! Two books in English and Spanish, four websites, hundreds of hours of content, and countless cities on our on-going tour—with every bit of it aimed at empowering all of you. What thing, large or small, do you want to complete this year? This week I’m so excited to finally debut our brand new and improved Adelante Movement website, which I’m thrilled to say is now available in Spanish, too, as! These sites are here to help you start and complete whatever you want, every day!

Your kids might be the ones back in school, but get ready, because YOU too will be learning and growing this fall! Here is where you can continue to learn through our webinars presented by Coca- Cola and our incredible Self Made Stories of all women of all ages, races and cultures who have gone from zero to Self Made. We have spent 2 years finding all the hidden money in America so we can now bring the information to you.
Here’s a sneak peek at our fabulous webinar line-up:

  • Finding Hidden Money in America, with recent US Treasurer Rosie Rios
  • Entrepreneur Opportunities in the Food Industry with WFF’s CEO, Hattie Hill
  • Creating a Food Business from Your Pain with Chef Lala
  • Franchising as a Family Business with expert, Nicole Enearu
  • Finding and Owning a Franchise with expert, Felicia James

And in Spanish…

  • Cómo Alcanzar una Vida Realizada y Rica
  • Dinero – Encuentralo Hoy!
  • En tu Dolor Está tu Marca Personal

I am also thrilled to debut the incredible story of Julissa Arce (in English and Spanish!), a young woman who went from undocumented to self-made. Part One tells of Julissa’s challenging early life as an new immigrant, and coming soon, in Part Two, we’ll learn about what it took for her to stay in the country. Please go out and buy her book which is out this week. We all need to support each other to all have NY Times Bestselling books. You can get a sneak peek at her book , here is an excerpt of: UNDOCUMENTED: My Undergound American Dream, here.

Being on the road meeting all of you, and learning about all your amazing stories, brands and products makes me so proud, and compels me to remind you all that as we approach election season, let’s all remember the power of our purchase and vote! As the number one consumer demographic in this country, we hold incredible influence. With our acquisition power alone, we can show the impact of the Latino community. The other thing we must all do is vote. We have the power to sway the vote of the presidency of the U.S., and we absolutely have to use it. You can read more about my stance on these issues in the new issue of Latino Magazine.

Last but not least , on Saturday, Sept 17 we’re inviting you to the People en Español Mujeres Más Poderosas LIVE event at the Miami Dade College (Wolfson Campus); we’re having an Adelante Movement workshop presented by Coca-Cola there, which is free. Also, Books & Books, the number one bookstore in Miami, is hosting a book reading and signing that same weekend. Please check in with the website for all my appearance dates—I’d love to see you in person!

Hermanas, the world is our oyster. Get inspired and stay connected.