Why You Need to Cast a Wide Net

Here’s a bit of advice I wish someone would have given to me when I was starting out in business: despite the common belief that you should stay within your niche, I say do the opposite. I personally believe you’re best served entrepreneurially when you don’t marginalize in just one market.

Quite the contrary—you should always aim to sell your products in multiple communities. It’s not rocket science, it’s straight up math. Just think about it: if you service two communities, you’re setting yourself up for the double the profit. Three communities, three times the profit. You get the drift.

And since I like to practice what I preach, I’m thrilled to let you in on the news that my own book, SELF MADE, will also be available in Spanish. It’s titled ¡Adelante!, which means “move it!” and aims to empower and mobilize all my Español-speaking women out there who are ready to become self-made.

On the subject of moving it, there are only two days left to register for our next webinar on August 25, hosted by my friend Nell Merlino, called “From Micro to Millions.” Nell has seen so many women go from zero to a million dollars in revenue, and shows us all how. Nell also created Take Our Daughters to Work Day, founded Count Me In for Women’s Economic Independence and launched Make Mine a Million-Dollar Business. You don’t want to miss this one – register now.

And finally, on our SELF MADE STORIES web series, this is the last week to catch Sherrijon Gaspard, the flight attendant who, by acting as if, quickly became a CEO.

So many women say they struggle with math, but maybe that’s just a story you tell yourself. The trick is to make friends with math, to make it a game. Just like anything else, it’s a muscle that you have to flex in order to strengthen it. No matter how intimidating this prospect is to you, find a way to embrace it. You know why? Because one thing is certain: math doesn’t lie.