Do You Have an Attitude of Ownership?

It’s no mystery that becoming self-made doesn’t happen overnight. More often than not, we find ourselves working several different jobs before we’re able to truly zero in on what it is that’s really calling to our souls.

You might spend two or five or even ten years in one position, gradually climbing the ranks. But more than climbing those ranks, earning larger paychecks and getting noticed, you know what else you’re really doing? You’re steadily amassing an arsenal of experience—which in my view is some of the most valuable currency there is.

Before you’re ready to step out into the world of entrepreneurship, as you move through the various jobs of your career, instead of resenting the fact that you work for someone else, embrace the fact that every job is an opportunity to learn; and even more so, that you’ll be best served in the long run if you act like a owner in every position you take. This prepares, empowers and poises you for success, so on that day when you finally do go out on your own, you’ll be the queen of ready.

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