It was a SELF MADE White House Kinda Week

This summer has been all about getting things done!

Did you know, thanks to your critical support, SELF MADE: Becoming Empowered, Self-Reliant and Rich in Every Way has been a New York Times best-seller for two weeks in a row?

Last week week we also made history in Washington DC. On Monday, June 13th, Administrator Maria Contreras-Sweet, the head of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) and member of President Obama’s Cabinet and myself signed an unprecedented agreement to help start, strengthen, and expand Latina-owned small businesses.

Here’s some background: As some of you may know, I founded The Adelante Movement in 2012, which aimed to support and train Latinas, but also planted the seed for SELF MADE. Monday’s historic partnership aims to unite the women of The Adelante Movement and a government agency that share the same mission: to support Latina women of this country by providing information, support, training and resources needed for aspiring entrepreneurs to become successful businesswomen.

This is just the beginning. My goal is to build more partnerships like this, to help ALL self-made women every way imaginable.