This is the year we become SELF MADE

It’s been four years since we have been on this journey together to control our financial destinies through empowerment and entrepreneurship. I have loved meeting and getting to know all of you on this road. Along the way we have spoken about how this is your home, but also, how important it is for us to not marginalize ourselves; and for us to venture outside of our comfort zone and meet new people, to create a new world for ourselves in the mainstream. This is the year we become SELF MADE.

We are not alone in our quest. African American, Asian, Indian, and Middle Eastern women have also been attending our events and like you, are also on a quest to become SELF MADE. So what does this mean? It means that we are collectively standing on the precipice of a huge leap forward in the economic evolution of women, and that by banding together we can accomplish even more.

The Adelante Movement is your casita, your hometown where you can always return. But we have created a new platform, inspired by my book, (which is out TODAY!). It includes a website and an app (coming soon) that allows us to join all women.

Be sure to join the SELF MADE movement at

Born out of a desire to empower multicultural women and to break down the barriers that stand in the way of women achieving economic empowerment and freedom, SELF MADE is not just a platform, but really a state of mind.

Being self-made means you’re in the driver’s seat of your life. It means you control your financial destiny. It means you work because you want to, and not because you have to. It means you see the world through the lens of your goals, instead of being deluded by the temporary lure of instant gratifications. It means you choose yourself, and you become your own Prince Charming. But above all, being self-made means you are self-reliant, empowered and rich in every way, because instead of following your bliss—you create it.

The Adelante Movement was and will continue to be a home and a hub for Latinas to network, learn, train and grow. And SELF MADE is a place to take your dreams even further into a broader community of multi-cultural women everywhere. By igniting the SELF MADE movement as the go-to source for women (and especially multi-cultural women) entrepreneurs, we expand the circle to include all women, ensuring ALL of our fundamental participation in the growth and success of a modern economy.
So, if The Adelante Movement is our home, I officially invite you to consider SELF MADE our bridge to even more possibilities!