Let's blow away the competition!!!

Sometimes we get tired. We work so hard and yet our timing is off and it seems like we are not getting the results we expected. We start settling for second, third, fourth place, or no place at all. Sometimes we allow that victimized voice in our head to tell us we can’t do it, that we are not enough. Even if I tell you that Latinas are the new emerging market and the new mainstream, we don’t feel it. We still feel like minorities who can’t beat the competition.

My girlfriend Pria, who is from India, reminded me the other day of what it takes to be exceptional and win when you are a multicultural woman. It is possible in spite of obstacles, in spite of timing, and in spite of personal things in your life that get in your way.

She told her daughter, “When you are one of us, your goal is not just to win, your goal is to blow away the competition!” What wise words.

We have to think bigger. We can’t just go for the win; we have to win by a margin that makes it indisputable that we are the best and that we deserve it. We have to raise the bar for ourselves. We have to think and act not just like winners but like super winners. Is that fair? Maybe not, but it is necessary. It is even more necessary in our minds. We can do it. We have what it takes!

So let’s go – blow away the competition!!!

How can you blow away the competition today? In what parts of your life do you need to raise the bar?

I want you to know that you do not have to do it alone.

Adelante loves to work with organizations around the country that can help all of you succeed. We have partnered with many incredible organizations as diverse as Chambers of Commerce all around the country, NCLR, LULAC, NAHREP, Voto Latino, Hispanicize and many more. But today I wanted to tell you about three organizations founded by women friends who I admire, and who I know are here to support you too.

Angelica Perez-Litwin, PhD is the founder of LatinasThinkBig.com, a site to advance the careers and ventures of professional, entrepreneurial, and college age Latinas.

Andrea Guendelman is the co-founder BeVisible.soy, which is a social media platform powered by Latina millennials who are committed to collaborating and connecting, in order to advance and excel in their careers.

Ana Flores is the founder of latinabloggersconnect.com, which is a community that supports social media influencers and brands in building authentic relationships.

We are all united in our efforts to help you blow away the competition. Check out their websites and connect. Remember to be chosen you have to choose yourself first, and that means networking, joining organizations, and becoming a part of our communities.

The Adelante Movement is also here to help you right now! Please keep sending us your information for Crossover Casting.

We will soon have our first Adelante Latina cast in a mainstream reality show, and she will share her journey and story with each of you.

Check out our website theadelantemovement.com for this week’s features: Wealth Building Advice for Latinas, information on the SBA Resources for Women Entrepreneurs, and the success story of our very own Adelante entrepreneur, Kathy Cano-Murillo, better known as “Crafty Chica”.

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