Special Guest for "In Your Pain is Your Brand" Webinar

I have a special guest coming to our In Your Pain is Your Brand webinar; Hollywood Reality Casting Director Sheila Conlin.

Sheila Conlin, the premier casting director for reality television, is a pioneer in the genre. As the owner and president of The Conlin Company, a full-service casting and production office headquartered in Los Angeles, Conlin played a vital role in establishing the career of some of televisions biggest reality stars. She brings everyday people to hit shows that include Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, Hotel Hell, The Moment of Truth, True Beauty, The Swan, and Nanny 911. Here is her website: www.breakingintoreality.com

I believe so many of you who are chefs, lawyers, real estate agents, and entrepreneurs belong on reality shows. You can begin locally in your own town doing local shows and news, and then come to Hollywood and promote your brand in a national way. As many of you know, I produced reality shows like The Swan (where I cast many Latinas), and then I was on Celebrity Apprentice, which was incredible for my career. You can all do that too!

Sheila will participate in our webinar and show you how to do it. Sheila and I are working on a new section of the Adelante Movement website called Crossover Casting, where you will be able to submit your materials so that Sheila can submit you for shows.

Please send us your questions for Sheila at info@theadelanteovement.com, so I can ask her during the webinar. And remember, you can live chat with me and Sheila live during and after the webinar.

Please register today for In Your Pain is Your Brand, so I can help you find your authentic brand, or maybe just tweak the one you have, and Sheila will show us how to think bigger with it and take that brand to the next level!

#2 – In Your Pain is Your Brand – August 19, 2015 at 10am pst / 1pm est

#3 – How To Become A Rich Latina – September 2, 2015 at 10 am pst / 1pm est

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