Changing my mindset about food and weight

We are at the half way point for the year. I started 2015 with the theme of “completion”. I asked each of you to think about three things you wanted to complete this year. This is a good check point to see where you are with your goals. If you still need help with your three things, don’t worry. Yesterday is over and today is a new beginning. We all can have second chances and the ability to reboot. Let’s start today. As I mentioned to all of you last year, one of my three things was that I was struggling with my weight.

So many of you emailed me and sent me your suggestions. That’s why we are all here, to share our challenges and successes. Most of you came to me with your secret formula which for most of you was portion control. Thank you all for sharing with me how you didn’t give up your Latino food but rather really worked on the portions – that really helped me.

In October 2014, I started my journey by going to see an incredible doctor in New York, Dr. Edelson at Health Bridge, who is an obesity and weight loss doctor. He first helped regulate my blood sugar and then got me on a portion control diet with a nutritionist, still eating the foods and drinks I like, as so many of you suggested, but smaller portions. (I am happy to share details if you email me at In January 2015, I declared to myself that my #1 intention was to lose weight and become healthier.

I am happy to announce it took me nine months, and I have lost 27 lbs. The most important thing is that I have changed my mindset about food and how much I need to consume. Next, I have to work on my strength training and I have to get in shape … more about that soon. We definitely don’t want to lose our curves right?

I tell all of you all the time to change your mindset about money, about going and getting your own chips, about becoming self-made. But, I understand how hard it is to change our mindset about things that we have never been taught and that are radical shifts for us. That has been my journey the last year, slowly changing my mindset about something that doesn’t come easily to me – so I have been tackling it one day at a time.

Please don’t give up on tackling the self-made mindset, one day at a time.