NO more survival: MONEY – Find it Today!

I just read in USA Today, “Millions of Americans have no savings set aside for a rainy day, leaving them in serious jeopardy if financial calamity strikes.” We cannot do anything while we are in survival mode, living pay check to pay check, struggling to make ends meet. It is important to aspire to financial freedom, and it is achievable.

Next week, I am beginning The Adelante Movement Summer School with my first webinar called, MONEY, Find It Today! I will show you how to Find it! Ask for it! Earn it! Save it! Grow it! Risk it! Give it back!

Join me for an hour of powerful tips! Don’t miss it!!!

June 30th 10 am pst/ 1pm estMONEY – FIND IT TODAY! Start a Business Today!

We will explore Ebay, Amazon, AirBNB, UBER, Craigslist, and other shared economy platforms to make money while we sleep. I will show you how to go on a treasure hunt through your house and walk away with cash for your new business.

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Can’t wait to see you in class.