Who are you going to call?

I just matched two of my friends so they can do business together, and they loved each other. I know they will also become dear friends. They will be a blessing in each other’s lives in so many ways, and they will also be able to make so much money together. They are better together than apart. Not everyone is meant to be an entrepreneur by themselves. Some people work better with others. How many of us are afraid to start a business alone, but if we had another person who could be brave with us, we could reach the moon?

Sometimes entrepreneurship does not have to be a lone journey. There are other women who can be that other half we are looking for, with complimentary skills, to make something happen. Sometimes that other person is under our nose – they can be one of our children, a sister, a cousin, a friend from kindergarten, or a new acquaintance. Sometimes, we need to partner with another Latina, and then sell our products and services to other Latinas…in order to go get our own chips! We may also find someone outside our community who we worked with before, who brings us contacts and skills, and who will help us sell our products and services to a bigger market. We need to open our minds to partnership.

Look and see who is around you that you trust, that you think is smart and solid, that you think is brave – who you can take the plunge with, to begin something new, so you can both own your destinies through a business. Don’t be embarrassed – call her! The best partnerships in the world begin with a call.