This is your year to LEAP!

I was watching the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special this weekend, taking in what an “Americana” cultural phenomenon that show is.

To be “spoofed” on Saturday Night Live, means you have “made it”.

I was “spoofed” on Saturday Night Live and instead of understanding it was an honor, I felt humiliated.

Sometimes in our Latino culture we don’t get it. We don’t make fun of ourselves. We don’t understand that if people are making fun of us or talking about us, it means that what we are doing is important.

Sometimes to go Adelante, we have to risk being humiliated, risk making mistakes. When we do anything worthwhile, we have to remember that half the people will like it and the other half of the people won’t. But we still must do it.

I am now proud to be part of the history of Saturday Night Live. I am proud to have my show, The Swan and me (the expert on the show with the big lips) spoofed and made fun of.

Watch the SNL spoof HERE.

I want all of us to take risks – and not be afraid of what others think. Let’s try to count to ten before we take the opinions of others personally.

This year is your year to leap!

Now, here, go! Adelante!