Crossover Casting

I told you, we are all getting in the game in 2015.

One of the things you have been asking me when I meet each of you is “How did you do it?”. “How did you have a very Latino career running Telemundo and making Latino shows, and then cross over and create The Swan and get on The Celebrity Apprentice, The View and other mainstream shows?”. I always tell all of you that I don’t want any of you to be marginalized. I want all of you to be able to live in both worlds equally, as I do.

I really do believe being Latina in the U.S. is the best of both worlds.

As much as I say that, I know that many of you don’t have access to the information or the relationships with the Networks. But I do! Nothing will make me happier than to see all of you on Master Chef, Shark Tank, House Hunters, Survivor, Hell’s Kitchen – all shows that will put you, and your brands, on the map. So we will connect you to those opportunities.

Adelante is launching a casting site, CROSSOVER CASTING, in a few weeks. We are going to be your access door to Hollywood! We are going to connect you with every reality show, web series and show that is casting experts, contestants, and looking for women like you. To be clear, we are not casting actors, we are casting you as you.

I want to see all of you on every network and every website promoting yourselves and your brands. We will coach you so you are not afraid.

I need all of you to make sure that you are members of Adelante. Please go to and sign in to tell us about your business, your expertise, or anything else that will help us find the right show for you. Make sure you state that you are interested in being cast in a show.

You will still have to do the work of applying, auditioning, and putting your headshots and bio together, but we will help you get in the door.

The first show coming up in the next two weeks is a television show about women entrepreneurs starting out in business- a new business version of “Shark Tank“ for women on a cable network.

Hurry up!! I want to put you all on TV! Sign up HERE.

Now, here, go! Adelante!