Get In The Game

What a day yesterday at the Super Bowl, a rookie intercepts a ball, makes a one in a million catch and wins the game. On the other side a legendary coach makes a decision to make a play that loses the game. That is life, any one can come from behind and win the race, and also sometimes wise, experienced people make the wrong decisions and take steps backward on their journey.

To me the important part is that they were all “in the game” win or lose – they were in it yesterday!

Why are we all here, why have our families sacrificed so much for us if we are not going to be “in the game”? What is the purpose of our life and in what way are we going to put ourselves “in the game” – win or lose? We cannot be afraid of the outcome because remember, “Sometimes when you win you lose and sometimes when you lose you win”, but the more you play the better chance you have to win.

This year The Adelante Movement invites you to take a chance, take a step and get into the game. We all can change our life by growing, opening our eyes to new opportunities and working to make fear our best friend and our guiding light. Fear is not a fact, it is just a feeling. We have to experience it, breath through it and let it show you what you MUST do.

So, Now, Here, Go! Let’s get started getting in the game, in 2015.


We need to learn and master the internet and social media (me included).

Did everyone see our partner Coca-Cola’s incredible Super Bowl Ad about the perils of the internet and how we can change the negativity we and our children experience in social media to a positive one. I am proud to have participated in this project.


We are lucky to have an incredible video and internet workshop on internet security from our own incredible Myrna Soto, SVP and Chief Information Security Officer for Comcast – who explains to us what to watch out for in terms of personal information on the internet- don’t miss it!!!!!! Please watch it at


On a personal, fun note – many of you know I have been on the television show The Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump. That was a an experience I was afraid to participate in and in the end turned out to be a magical gift in my life. I had to breath through my fear and just say, Adelante!!!


This year I am rooting for Geraldo Rivera to win The Celebrity Apprentice. Many people don’t know Geraldo is one of my mentors and he has mentored so many Latinos and Latinas. He is tough on TV but he is a celebrity who behind the scenes is kind and good to the people who work for him and he mentors.

He agreed to be interviewed by me when I was 17 years old and I continued to call him through the years whenever I started a new show to interview him. He was my good luck charm.

Today I show you my 17 year old self who took a risk to send a letter to Joanne (Geraldo’s Puerto Rican darling assistant) to ask if I could interview him. Here is the result – watch the interview at

Go Geraldo!!

This year is a magical one for Adelante!! We have many surprises for you. Big announcements, big trainings and webinars!! Big events!! Big Ideas!! Some highlights include:

  • Rich Latina Wealth Building Workshops
  • Social Media for Business Workshops from Google, Twitter, and Facebook
  • Lean In Advice from Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg
  • Valentine’s Day Training on Being Your Own Prince Charming
  • More Webinars coming
  • 2015 Tour Dates coming

I am scared too about everything we are doing, but I won’t let that stop me- because I know when fear shows up we must all say , Adelante!!!!!!

Now, here, go! Adelante!