Let's Celebrate and Be Grateful

I just had a Cuban-Mexican Fiesta for my friends and family. It was pure color and joy, with Salsa music and Mariachis.

This is a time to celebrate, be grateful for another year on this earth and stop and write down what we want to manifest in 2015.

This last weekend, I was in San Miguel de Allende with my friend, author and Latina icon,Sandra Cisneros, for her 60th birthday. I asked her if it was okay to post her age and she said, “Of course, I am proud of my age – we have to honor and love every year.”

We were celebrating her birthday with a costume party, where we each went as a dessert. She went as a cake, and danced through the streets, trailed by Mariachis like a pied piper with her costumed followers, picking up crowds of strangers along the way, singing her Las Mañanitas. What a way to turn 60 and honor your life! That is what I love about Sandra – her ability to take every opportunity to create a joyous, playful, artistic experience, full of love.

Let’s remember, during this holiday season, that our culture is a joyous, playful, artistic experience, surrounded by delicious food and lots of love and family. We have to relish in all the passion, color and drama. That is who we are!