Make Someone Happy

As you know, December is my favorite month and I have had a magical month.

Last week, we had a beautiful Adelante event with 1000 Latina Promotoras (who are our very special health care advocates in America). They are all living their “Mission” through their advocacy work, and working toward their “Money” by starting home based businesses.

I also spent time last week with the very special Maria Contreras-Sweet, who is the Administrator of the Small Business Administration and Alejandra Castillo, who is the National Director of the Minority Business Development Agency. I also met Jackie Puente, who heads up external affairs for Comcast. It makes me happy to see these very impressive women representing us in Washington D.C.

I want to make all of you happy this year, and I want all of us to pass along that happiness; not with gifts, but with what each of us has to give and what we each know uniquely. Small acts of kindness are what count. I have joined our partner, Coca- Cola, in their campaign #HazAlquienFeliz (Make Someone Happy) by helping one of our Adelante entrepreneurs with her food truck business.