December is my Favorite Month

December is my favorite month. It is my time to reflect on the past year, on what I have learned, what I am grateful for and where I need a little push for the coming year. It is a great time to create a one page plan for yourself. Watch Nell Merlino’s video, “One Page Business Plan” at:

It is a great month to make a list of your goals for 2015. I only put 3 things on my goal list so that it’s achievable. It is difficult to work on more than three things in one year. I believe in the baby step approach to change, slow and steady. I usually choose one thing that is personal (children, relationship, home), one that is work or growth oriented (starting a business, getting a promotion, making more money, going to school, attending a seminar) and one that is beauty and maintenance oriented (laser hair removal, new look, losing weight- that is important too!). Incorporate fun into your goals! For my goal of fitness, I participated in a 5K run last week.