To be chosen, you have to choose yourself first

I think, “to be chosen, you have to choose yourself first”. I am in NY where last night, I got together with Ramona Velazquez. She wrote me a letter after seeing me on “The Swan” and later on “Celebrity Apprentice”. She wanted help figuring out how she could think like an entrepreneur while keeping the security of her job. She has written me consistently for years always advocating on behalf of herself and her fellow Latinas at Social Security where she has worked for the past 32 years. I responded and we have become friends. I also wrote a letter as a teenager to Steven Jobs, who responded, and who after a series of back and forth notes invited me to meet him in Palo Alto at his then company, Next. I will always regret that I did not go. 

If you do nothing, I guarantee you, nothing will happen. If you take an action, even the smallest action, something may happen, not always, but sometimes. When you choose yourself, by taking an action, it allows others to choose you too. I am happy Ramona took the action to write me a letter.