Hispanic Heritage Month

Welcome to Hispanic Heritage Month. I remind myself, and all of you, of the privilege of being Latina in this country. Even with all of the issues our community faces, there is no other country that offers us the opportunities to empower ourselves, and our families, financially as in the United States. The way we show our appreciation everyday, as well as make sure our voice is heard, is by voting – participating in a democratic system, no matter how we have felt about political systems before. Voting is the greatest power and privilege we have as Latinas in this country and we have to remember to use it. That is why the Adelante Movement has teamed up with more than 40 national organizations like Voto Latino, Mi Familia Vota, the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and Latino Victory Project, media companies, and concerned Americans like you and me to mobilize our community to register to vote today and head to the polls in November. Will you join me? Here’s how you can help: 1. Register to vote today. www.latinos2014.com 2. Activate your networks! Visit www.latinos2014.com, and check out our Digital Toolkit to find graphics, video, and sample social media posts to share with your colleagues,family, and friends. 3. Post and re-post! Join us by posting to social media with the hashtag #powerofourvote. Suggested Tweet: Join our coalition of partners in kicking off #HispanicHeritageMonth by registering to vote today! www.latinos2014.com #PowerofOurVote Suggested FB post: Join us and a coalition of national organizations in honoring those who made #HispanicHeritageMonth possible by registering to vote today. Showing the #PowerofOurVote is the best way to ensure we create a future worthy of those we love. www.latinos2014.com There’s a lot at stake in the November 4th election. All 435 House seats, 33 seats in the Senate, 36 governors, and 46 state legislatures will be on ballots across the U.S. By adding your voice to the cause, you’ll be doing your part to make sure Latinos across the country exercise their right to vote this Election Day. Join the Hispanic Heritage Month of Action now. Together, we show we have pride in our culture AND believe in the power of our vote.