In your pain is your answer

Fall is here, Back to School. I have always thought September is a time to re- boot. I always say,”In your pain is your answer”. September is a good month to ask yourself: What are you struggling with? Where is your pain? I am struggling with my weight. As much as I don’t want to care because I am Latina and we don’t care about a few extra pounds, I do care. That outside world still gets into my brain, and no matter what I accomplish every day, this is one demon I am humbled by and it reminds me that just because I master some things I am still “in process” on others. That’s why we have to help each other and teach each other what we have mastered. We are each an expert at something. Ladies, let’s help each other. If any of you have successfully battled weight gain, please send your solution, and in turn let me know what you are struggling with at In the meantime, let’s focus on successes around us. We finally have a Latina on “The View”. Yay!!! They chose Rosie Perez the Puerto Rican actress, who has gone through so much and at 50 is re-booting her career. Ladies let’s support her. I want to see all of you with your products and ideas on TV. The more of us that are out there the more opportunities that will come. I am hoping Rosie will help more of us get on that show and promote our projects. There is also a great comedy TV show coming on the air called “Jane The Virgin” with a Latina who I think will be our next big star, Gina Rodriguez. This show was created by Perla Feria, one of our great novela writers. Let’s support these two great Latinas with this crossover success. The show is on the CW. It’s the beginning of Hispanic Heritage month and we have so much content on our website for you to get ready to make money, save money and take our lives to a higher place. Hispanic Heritage Month is about celebrating your culture with family and creating moments that matter.