June is about the subject of Fear. I have been meeting so many of you around the country and the big thing that comes up is fear, and feelings of giving up. I feel fear everyday so I can relate, and as you get older it gets worse. But we are not alone…we are all in the same boat, and I encourage you as I encourage myself to not give up. This is our moment, our time and fear is not a fact— it’s just a feeling. I felt fear this month when I spoke at the Social Innovation Summit at the United Nations. So many remarkable people spoke and I got intimidated. I breathed through my fear: I spoke about all of you and my dreams for all of you through Adelante and all went well. Right after I spoke, a beautiful Peruvian girl came up to me who runs Peruvianhearts.org to help girls in Peru go to school. As a girl who was adopted by American parents she took her own pain and has made magic with it. Remember, that in your pain is your answer. What if I had let my fear take over and I had not shown up at the UN? If you don’t show up nothing can happen.