CELEBRITY APPRENTICE 2- Nely Galan's Episode 9 Blog

OMG! That was some of the best, and most uncomfortable television that I have ever seen. Where do I begin?

First of all: everybody is now acting crazy. Even the most normal among them (Jesse) is off his rocker. Clearly the sleep deprivation and hunger have them all at their breaking point.

The task at hand was a fun and creative one. When you are at home chilling out and watching the show, you think “NO SWEAT” figuring out a campaign for deodorant. However, when you are there in Trump’s boot camp, your brain just doesn’t function properly.

Clint, once again, did a mediocre job. Surprisingly though, Jesse was the one that was out of line. He acted just as narcissistically as Clint, and maybe even worse. He was so obnoxious that I began to see the chinks in his “great guy” armor. Jesse definitely has ego issues too – he just tends to cover them up better than the others. I was actually happy to see Clint win – just to spite Jesse’s behavior. Then when Clint won, Jesse wasn’t even gracious. I guess he’s not such a mensch after all.

Jesse really missed the boat on something that Donald Trump taught me last year that I will never forget: “Don’t over deliver.” He’s right. We all forget that oftentimes the clients that you are working for are not pioneering geniuses. They’re mainly employees caught up in the giant cogs of a corporation, which means that they are usually not great risk takers. And they don’t need brilliance – they just need “good enough.”

That was the case in this episode. Yes, KOTU’s campaign was bad (Athena’s was better conceptually, but wasn’t executed as well) but KOTU’s project was just “good enough” to win. Jesse needs to learn that lesson, too. The client is not an owner; they are a mid-level employee. Jesse should have chilled.

The girl’s team displayed a very interesting dynamic: the “player,” Annie, who is clearly only concerned with winning; Brande, who has wisely aligned herself with the winner; and Melissa, who is unbearably spoiled and entitled. (By the way, just for the record, I have heard that one-on-one Melissa is delightful, so who knows?) But in this game, I’ll have to say that I’m very glad that Trump finally had her fired.

Did you notice the note exchange between Trump and Cramer? I think Trump had a change of heart mid-boardroom and guess why? Money. Who would bring in the most money? He was right again.

But then how about that uncomfortable ending with Melissa storming out? And Joan insulting Brande and calling her a manipulated dumb blonde, and calling Annie a white trash poker player? And then running to Melissa’s side saying that she’s quitting the show! What a whole bag of crazy – you couldn’t have asked for anything more delicious. Beyond great TV! I replayed this scene several times in a row. Whew!!! I can’t believe the whole exchange!

Okay, so here’s my latest prediction – Joan will return. I know that sounds crazy, but in the end she’s a consummate professional and isn’t a quitter. I believe/hope that she will come back to win, and leave her opponents in the dust. I’m savoring the possibility, and her competitors better not underestimate her. I have said it from the very beginning – I believe that Joan Rivers will take home the crown.

In a way, I can see why she and Melissa are so protective of each other. In Hollywood, you really can’t trust anyone or anything – sometimes even your own family. The two of them have formed a life-long alliance and created a protective shield around each other. Trump has to respect that, as he is also very protective of his own children. I have to say, Ivanka shone again this week. She is one smart and poised cookie. The difference between her and other “kids of” is that she doesn’t behave spoiled or entitled. Ivana did a good job with those kids.

I predict that Brande will be the next to go. Remember Carol Alt from last season? Often beauties are kept in the game for ratings (if they are good) but Brande doesn’t appear to be a true leader. Don’t get me wrong though – she is clearly very smart and not to be underestimated. However, I think it’s her time to be on the chopping block.

On a side note – I hated it when Brande compared her looks to Ivanka’s in order to make a point about her intelligence. It was “brown nosy” and discounted the other women in the room. They aren’t Playmates, but they are attractive, too. It’s that beautiful girl entitlement/attitude that the rest of us can’t stand.

I believe that the “Final 4” will be Clint, the little engine that could; Jesse, the quiet force to be reckoned with (even though he is showing signs of cracking. If he’s to have a remote shot, he better pull his secret weapon, Sandra Bullock, out of his bag of tricks); Annie, the player; and Joan, whom I believe will win.

The one thing I have learned in life is to bet on experience and wisdom every time. It seems that these traits are no longer valued in our country; however, I believe that they make getting older all worthwhile.

Hasta next week,