CELEBRITY APPRENTICE 2- Nely Galan's Episode 8 Blog

Last week, my friend, Jim, e-mailed me after reading my blog. He corrected me for picking Natalie Gulbis as the next one I wanted to be fired. He felt I didn’t give her credit for her true cunning.

He said she had tried one of the greatest strategies in Apprentice history – calling the enemy of her opponent, Annie Duke, to try to raise money against her.

Jim, you were right! It was potentially a great strategy. Only, however, if it had worked. Not only did it not work, but she wasted all of her time putting all of her eggs in that basket versus going after her own money. As predicted Natalie went bye bye… Big lesson – great ideas are important but execution is where it counts. I have had a million great ideas and strategies in my life that I haven’t always been able to execute. That is the difference sometimes between good and great!

Natalie is out and we now know that Annie Duke is extraordinary – no matter who likes her or not. The lady can execute. She’s the Piers Morgan of this season. Did you see her auction and raise money? I was impressed – made me want to go take poker lessons from her and I don’t even gamble. Did you see all those men just throwing money at her? She’s obviously made them all a lot of money. Wow! Impressive!

But can we talk about the craziness of this episode? I have been worried every week about Joan Rivers’ well being. My worry was that she would start cracking with the lack of food and sleep.

By now you all know I utterly respect Joan and expect her to win – but the comments about Annie being like Hitler were completely out of line and unbelievable. The whole exchange was offensive.

As a Latina – I know the power of words and am always careful of how I use them.

How would Joan have reacted if Annie had compared her to Hitler? It would have been in every newspaper and Annie’s career would be marred. It is not fair that in a “politically correct” environment, there is a double standard. No one should be compared to Hitler – and certainly not in the context of a TV game.

I can really understand why Annie never wants to speak to Joan again.

Joan, please calm down. This is yours to win – but go get some sleep and let Melissa be her own person – she can do it!

Melissa and Joan have a symbiotic relationship that probably works in the context of their family but isn’t pleasant to watch and must be a nightmare to work with…

Wasn’t that exchange in the board room, with Melissa defending Joan and the “inside” comments about how they had gone to mutual friends of Joan and Donald for money but had been rejected, weird? This episode had a lot of uncomfortable, weird moments.

Piers Morgan’s appearance was great I wish he was on with Trump all the time. I appreciate him even more this season. When I was there, I liked him at first but then I thought he was too cutthroat.

I was wrong – he is clear, direct, focused and while it is not my style, I almost wish it could be. Everything he says in this episode about Joan, Melissa, Clint and the Trumps was right on the money and exactly what I was feeling and thinking.

He’s The Apprentice’s Simon Cowell.

When he cornered Jesse James about why, if he was married to Sandra Bullock, could he not raise more money? It was a very uncomfortable moment but it was what I had been thinking all season. Great TV moment!

Piers – right on!!!! Can you tell he was a tabloid publisher in England? He goes for the jugular.

The second hour of the show where they had to create a recipe was predictable and in the end fair. Herschel Walker should have gone, under the circumstances (although it is hard to watch Clint Black stay over that sweet Herschel just because he took responsibility and became the project manager – again). Herschel is, as Joan would say, “a mensch.”

Okay here’s my prediction – next to go… either Clint Black or Brande Roderick. Brande appears weaker and is acting more like a “fair weather friend” as the season continues. Did you notice how in the second half of the show, she was now trashing Annie? However, I would actually rather Clint go next – it’s long overdue.

One last thing I have been wanting to mention for weeks but especially in this episode; Ivanka Trump is exceptional. I really think she is the star of the family. She is poised, intelligent, beautiful and talented, but as demonstrated in this episode she has strong boundaries and knows how to speak her mind – respectfully. I was very impressed with her when I was on the show, and my respect has only grown with time. She is a good seed.

GREAT episode! The show only gets better.

Hasta next week,