CELEBRITY APPRENTICE 2- Nely Galan's Episode 7 Blog

It’s hard to write about this episode – I felt cheated! Once we got to the boardroom it was evident that Brian McKnight was sick of it all, and just wanted to leave the show. (He admitted he had gone home for two days and didn’t want to return.) Trump then did what he had to do. It made me mad – why did I have to go through the whole episode only to have Brian throw in the towel?

Frankly, KOTU was the superior team from the beginning of this episode, although I predict Natalie is the next to go. Their task was well executed – period! It also incorporated the Trump CELEBRITY APPRENTICE Lesson 101 – “USE YOUR TEAM’S CELEBRITY STATUS”.

Athena was off in the clouds with Brian McKnight calling it in, and ultimately suffering the consequences. Their execution of the task was just plain bad.

Here’s what I got out of this episode – a foreshadowing of things to come. Joan is becoming so cranky due to the lack of food and sleep creeping in, Melissa feels betrayed by Annie and Brande (who previously never liked each other) and is coming unglued, and Annie (as predicted) is playing good poker.

In the second hour of this episode, Trump announced a second task that required fundraising. This is very difficult in the current economy, even for celebrities. Annie appears to be the frontrunner, but the women’s claws are out! Joan hates Annie, Melissa hates Annie and Brande, and Annie acting as though she likes them all… NOT! Annie is playing poker again – unlikable, but a winning strategy.

The episode ended with a cliffhanger. The task has not been executed yet, and Piers Morgan (last year’s winner) comes back to help Trump. I guarantee you he will make hamburger meat out of the contestants. Piers doesn’t have the need to be liked, so he will be refreshingly honest.
I can’t wait to see his “inside” report to Trump.

Too bad we had to endure Brian McKnight wasting our time to get to next week. But, it will be worth it.

Hasta next week,