CELEBRITY APPRENTICE 2- Nely Galan's Episode 6 Blog

Okay, in this episode Donald Trump is up to his old tricks. If you are a faithful viewer of the show, you will see that he is usually fair, insightful and correct in his firings. This season his performance in the boardroom has been perfect. Perfect that is, until now. One thing that you get from spending time around him, is that he is also moody (and sometimes emotional) in his decisions. Sometimes people just rub him the wrong way. He can also hold grudges from one episode to another.

In my case he fired me in the Vera Wang episode, where I did nothing wrong, because he was still upset that Gene Simmons had spared me in a previous task (the Kodak ink and printer) where I should have gone. Trump practically forced Omarosa to bring me into the boardroom, where he and I exchanged a few heated words, and then I was sent packing.

In last night’s episode, both teams did a horrible job of the task at hand. The client hated both of the viral videos, and therefore no one won the task and it was decided that one person had to go from each team. Double firings are a Trump specialty!

Of the two teams, Athena did a much better job (of a poor job) and it was difficult to decide who to fire. Wow, poor T-Boz – Trump fired her for volunteering to come into the boardroom and support Melissa. This was a “call back” firing. He reminded T-Boz of Bradford (one of the contestants from a previous season) who had volunteered to come into the boardroom and whom he promptly fired. Trump despises quitters and sacrificial lambs. She must have felt horrible – you could just see it in her eyes.

On the other team there was no question that Clint Black should have gone. He was a dictator – not a leader, not a team player, and not very creative. However, Trump had it out for Khloe when he found out that she skipped a day in the previous episode to deal with her DUI issue, which no one had bothered to tell him about. He really let her have it and then fired her. Donald was way tougher on Khloe than he was on his former Miss USA’s fall from grace.

You have to understand what it is like when you are there and not eating or sleeping – you are totally sequestered and away from reality. At home you are watching a very edited version of all that transpires. When you are in the boardroom for literally 3 hours, and Trump is raking you over the coals, you find yourself reverting to child-like behavior where you will do anything to make the pain go away – you act out, you “tattletale” on your teammates, you often use poor judgment, and you end up feeling really bad! Then if you get fired, it’s as if you just got dropped from the coolest team at school. You feel like you let your coach (Trump) down and that you just wanted him to really like you. I know, it’s bizarre – and worthy of a psychology paper or two. We are all grown, successful people but for the weeks you are competing, it’s like you are living in the altered reality of “THE MATRIX”. Once you are home and have eaten and slept, you start to come back to your senses. You stop taking the experience personally (Trump really does love all of the TV children that appear on his hit franchise) and realize that it was an incredible opportunity to learn about yourself amidst the rarified air of your peers.

Well, the dead weight is almost all gone and it’s going to get really juicy! I predict that Clint or Natalie will be the next to go. Round Two I’m betting on Melissa getting the pink slip. (I’m concerned how Joan will do if Melissa goes, even though they are on different teams now, and vice versa.) And Brian has got to go next.

The real fun begins when (hopefully) the remaining players are Joan, Annie, Brande, Herschel and Jesse.

Hasta next week,

P.S. I loved Perez Hilton’s cameo. He made the show hipper and was a welcomed burst of fresh air, and needless to say – color! In all blue from head to toe, Perez is the new Small & Mighty.