CELEBRITY APPRENTICE 2- Nely Galan's Episode 5 Blog

This was the best Celebrity Apprentice episode yet – a great task that was extremely difficult and challenging, and a show full of surprises.

The biggest surprise of all was my feelings for Dennis Rodman. When the episode ended I found myself tearing up, as I was truly saddened to see the downward spiral of a great talent who is in denial.

In the beginning, we saw the power that is Dennis – people are drawn to him like a magnet. He has it within himself to win at everything, but he can’t sustain it for very long, and his false grandiosity becomes his enemy. It’s evident that his Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde personality is fueled by his addiction. Dennis is a lovable guy until he has had too much to drink and goes to a very dark place. At 6’-8”, it takes a lot of alcohol to get him to that state, but when he does it’s ugly, uncomfortable and scary.

It was pretty difficult watching that very public intervention in the boardroom. I was very impressed that Trump didn’t pussyfoot around the subject, and “tough loved” Dennis by firing him. In fact, all the celeb apprentices proved to be remarkably healthy displaying true concern and compassion. The most amazing of all was Jesse James, a self described, recovering alcoholic, who proved to be vulnerable, honest, loving and profound.

I can only hope that this confrontation helped Dennis bottom out, and pray that he went straight to rehab after the show. He would be a truly remarkable man if he can get sober.

As for the task at hand…

Tionne (T-Boz) – I was impressed with her quiet and powerful leadership. I had written her off in the past and I was wrong. She’s not a Type A personality (like myself) but in fact, an extremely organized Type B. I have to admit that I think that this type of personality works better in harnessing this crowd of high-strung Type A women. She’s non-threatening, yet direct and organized.

The women’s team was extraordinary, with Joan Rivers stealing the show in the role of the “can do” concierge. She did an outstanding job, but I thought it funny that her only potential undoing in the task was the fact that she kept forgetting to tell the hotel guests how much everything cost. (That’s the only time where she gave away her star status. When do you think was the last time that Joan worried about paying for anything?) Joan has remarkable energy and an incredible work ethic, attitude, and insight. She’s a talented artist and a savvy business woman. I aspire to be her. She is both right brain and left brain smart – with a good dash of NYC street smarts thrown in for good measure. Joan has to win Celebrity Apprentice – she deserves it and no one else on the show is in her league.

Once again, Annie Duke was a standout. While Natalie Gulbis barely contained her disdain of the “keep the wait staff hopping” shenanigans of the revelers, Annie played her cards right and accommodated every ridiculous whim of the guests with a smile on her face, despite how humbling some of the requests must have been.

Natalie has proven that she’s good at getting free planes and free gift baskets, but it appears that she’s not used to getting her hands dirty. Can she lead? That remains to be seen.

Thankfully Melissa remained in the background for most of the show – choosing to be a true team player and following T-Boz’s instructions, without all the histrionics of last week’s ugly feud with Claudia.

Khloe Kardasian was lazy and put little-to-no effort into the task… no surprise there. Please, put us all out of our misery and just leave the show.

As for the men, the core foursome of Jesse, Herschel, Clint and Brian did a spectacular job. They formed a cohesive unit that was strong, hard working and focused. Unfortunately we all know what happened and why the men lost. Dennis, please get help, and please get better!!! We are all rooting for you.

I love Celebrity Apprentice. I truly love it. I loved being on it and learned a lot about myself and others, and I’m learning even more this season.

Hasta next week,