CELEBRITY APPRENTICE 2- Nely Galan's Episode 3 Blog

The men really blew it!

This week, Tom Green volunteered to step up as project manager to try to break the men’s losing streak. Initially it appeared that he could pull it off – he was calm, cool and collected. He had the team calling their contacts to collect money almost the second the task was announced. They looked like they were on track to turn things around.

But oh, how quickly everything unraveled! Within a few minutes of the show, I found myself yelling at the TV (or more precisely, at Tom).
Last week he was so on target with “ZZZZ” for the Zappos campaign, which unfortunately fell on deaf ears. This week all eyes were on him, but it was so obvious he missed the mark. He could have won this one easily. If the task was to sell wedding gowns, and it’s not your area of expertise, then hire an expert (like the women did when they brought onboard a professional wedding planner). Or, better yet, how about making use of the amazing resources at hand and in-house! Tom had two of the country’s top balladeers (in two different music genres) working for him, and a man married to one of the top-box-office romantic-comedy stars in the world.

What better way to sell wedding gowns than to throw a “love songs” concert with Brian McKnight and Clint Black? Brian McKnight has a greatest hits album with love songs like Wedding, Love of My Life, Still In Love, Every Beat Of My Heart, Must Be Love and Crazy Love.
Then there’s Clint Black’s greatest love song album including, Our Kind of Love, When I Say I Do and I Have To Say I Love You In A Song.
What a missed opportunity. A concert at the bridal store would have broken all records – more than what the women’s team could have pulled off.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s Jesse James’ “Trump” card – what kind of draw would Sandra Bullock (Miss Congeniality and Two Weeks Notice) have pulled in a gown? How could you not make use of Miss Romantic Comedy?

Tom had all of the ingredients for a victory. Surprisingly, none of the team members brought any creative thinking to the table either! Did these guys forget why they are on the show – to promote themselves for their day jobs?!! I’m annoyed – they not only could have won by doing what they do best – it would have made for a much better episode. I would have killed to see that concert.

As for the women, they rocked without even having to break much of a sweat. They took a lesson from the Gene Simmon’s school of working smarter, not harder. Melissa Rivers redeemed herself from last week’s faux pas by bringing in Preston Bailey – Mr. Wedding Planner. That was a great use of resources. (Last year I brought in the amazing home designer Vicente Wolfe to design our window in a similar Celebrity Apprentice task, but unfortunately he was edited out of the episode.)

Question? Where were Nancy Gulbis, T Boz and Claudia Jordan in the episode? Was it the way the show was edited, or did they just not participate in the task to the extent that their teammates did?

Now as for Tom, who I have been supportive of, all I have to say is “Dude, I’m really disappointed at your lack of creativity and worse yet, your failure to show up (and step up) for your team. Why would you EVER want to behave like Dennis Rodman – who is just a complete waste. You deserved to be fired. How could you go out partying the night before your big day and blow your shot?” Another case of self sabotage.

As for Dennis, if he’s on the show for publicity he’s getting plenty of it – bad publicity that is. Unfortunately it appears that a leopard does not change its spots. Dennis should have been sent packing as well. (In rare cases, Trump does double-firings, and I thought this would be one of those instances.) Dennis will be fired soon – he can’t help but bring it upon himself.

This show is unbelievably entertaining- and so far Donald and his team have been right on the money in their firings!

Here’s my prediction for the winner of Celebrity Apprentice 2 as of this week – Joan Rivers, Brande Roderick (with Annie Duke very close behind) from the women’s team; and Jesse James from the men’s team.

Hasta next week! Can’t wait!