This Thursday is the finale for Celebrity Apprentice, and all of us “apprentices” are winging back in to New York City for the big event. It should be interesting to see how everything plays out – will Trace’s good-old-boy values win out over the more Machiavellian win-by-any-means-necessary approach of Piers?

I’m most excited by the prospect of seeing everyone again – it’s going to be like a high school reunion. I’m eager to find out what has transpired with, what have become now, old friends and foes and discovering how their lives have changed in the interim. Has their Apprentice experience been a positive one? How did the challenge shape their everyday lives?

For me, it’s a no-brainer – my time on the Apprentice was like the old Army slogan, “it’s the toughest job you’ll ever love.” When I was approached to do the show I was initially hesitant, and not without a good dose of trepidation to boot; but I knew it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I could not pass up, and would deeply regret if I declined. The high highs, the low lows, and everything in between that I experienced in my six weeks on the show, served as a condensed microcosm of life itself. Here are a few of my core “life lessons”:

Overcoming Obstacles in Business:
“Business never gets easier – get over it! Your commitment should be to grow everyday. Growth is the number one value – everything you do, and every mistake you make, has a value.”

Moving Past You’re Fired:
“Getting fired usually means that job, or that career, is not for you. Working for Donald Trump in the capacity as an “at will” employee, reminded me that I am an entrepreneur. I can’t, and don’t want to, work for anyone else.”

Facing Challenging Situations:
“Everything happens for a reason, and those reasons reveal themselves over time. The only ability you have in challenging situations is how you choose to deal with them. Ultimately, challenging or difficult things are always meant to be… and time will show you that.”

Biggest Learning Experience From The Apprentice:
“It made me re-affirm my values. I don’t believe in win by any means necessary – I’m old fashioned and old school. I believe in winning with integrity and dignity, and without compromising what you believe in. It may take longer, but you will get there and you’ll sleep at night.”