CELEBRITY APPRENTICE January 24, 2008 – Episode 4

In this episode, the challenge was to sell as many tickets as possible (for as much money as possible) for a variety of Broadway shows. I took a page from my “Lessons Learned” book, and decided to channel the great Gene Simmons and use my Rolodex to the max.

My friends at Cushman and Wakefield really came through for me, as well as my entrepreneur women’s network and my powerful Latinos contacts – personally delivering cold hard cash for charity.

Did you know that none of the teams were allowed to tell any of the potential donors that they were coming down to give money for an “Apprentice” challenge? It was really rewarding to see that people showed up based solely our word that what we were doing was for a good cause.

I raised a lot of money, but yet our team lost again! I cannot tell you how badly that felt – especially for a bunch of competitive women so hungry for a win.

P.S. Don’t miss the next episode of “Celebrity Apprentice”. It’s a doozy — Shocking! Sleazy!