CELEBRITY APPRENTICE January 10, 2008 – Episode 2

It was hard to watch Nadia Comaneci leave the show. I admire her and have nothing but great respect for her, and count myself lucky to now be able to call her a friend. Nadia was one of my childhood idols and I was enthralled, along with the rest of the world, when she achieved true perfection at the 1976 Olympics. So imagine how thrilled I was to hear that she was going to be one of my cast-mates on The Apprentice!

You may not know it, but the actual boardroom sessions go on for hours at a time, and so much of the discussion with both the opposition and fellow teammates goes unseen and unheard on the show. As the Project Manager on this task, I would have gladly taken the bullet for my team, and all who were there know that I expressed that over and over again to Donald Trump. It was a tough loss – especially given my competitive nature. And I have to admit, as a producer I had to eat some humble pie when we lost to the guys, but it’s all part of the learning process. What happened in the Pedigree episode has happened many times in my field. Producing creative work is ultimately subjective. In competition sometimes you win, and other times you lose. You just have to pick yourself back up and get back into the game.
P.S. Wait till you see what happens this week – Gene Simmons joins the ladies of Empresario and I can promise you that you will not forget this episode!