Power Up: Lufthansa Brings Leading Women on Board Special SXSW FlyingLab

APEX Insight: Lufthansa supported gender parity this International Women’s Day by featuring women in male-dominated fields on a FlyingLab flight to SXSW in Austin, which is itself still a largely male-dominated event. Perhaps an 11-hour flight is not long enough to break through glass ceilings and gender barriers, but it’s a good start. Besides, the sisters on board are already doing it for themselves.

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24 Women Our Favorite Entrepreneurs Want You To Know

Refinery 29 gave 24 female entrepreneurs a chance to share who their favorite entrepreneurs are in honor of International Women's Day.

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On The Record: Nely Galan On Why Her Story Will Help You Be Self-Made

Nely Galan shares her self made story, and makes it clear, you can still be self-made without being Beyoncé or Zuckerberg. “The reason why I called this ‘Self-Made’ is because not everyone is built to be an entrepreneur but everyone is built to be self-made.”

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10 Business Ideas For Women Entrepreneurs To Get Your Own Chips

Nely Galan shares 10 different business ideas for women entrepreneurs inviting you all to be unapologetic, intent and creative as you get your own chips!

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2017’s Best Cities for Hispanic Entrepreneurs

Expect the Hispanic and Latino community’s contributions to the U.S. economy to be nothing short of monumental in the coming decades. Not only is this demographic expected to make up a third of the U.S. population by 2050 — translating into immense buying power — this group is also creating businesses at 15 times the national rate, according to one report.

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