Success & the ‘Side Hustle’

Nely Galan learned early on that the secret to financial success was what she calls “the side hustle,” which is simply a way to make money that’s outside of your main job.

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Join Us In Celebrating Our Community’s Most Inspiring Stories

Entrepreneurs shared their successes and their failures, collectively demonstrating that the limits society places on us are challenges we can overcome.

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Nely Galan discusses leading Telemundo, Donald Trump, and Being Self-Made

In today’s podcast, listen to the “Tropical Tycoon” Nely Galan as she shares her experiences of starting out as a first-generation immigrant from Cuba to becoming an award-winning producer, entrepreneur, and one of the most influential Latinas in the world.


18 Things Smart Women Are ‘Done With’ For 2017

Starting with asking Nely Galán, media and real estate entrepreneur, author and women’s empowerment advocate to tell us what she's done with.

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17 Pieces Of Advice That Will Turn Your Career Around In 2017

For some 2016 left much to be desired. In ways that the political system may have had us all scratching our heads and wondering what would be next, there’s a good chance that the seeds you planted in 2016 will begin to spread their roots in 2017. If this is the case, you want to be ready.

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